Last Revised: July 7, 2017

PicoBrew's high standards for our products are our top priority. As such, we hope our customers are thoroughly happy with their purchases. Our products come with a 15-day return policy after the purchase date for exchange or credit for purchases that are made directly from our web site or retail partners that do not satisfy the customer. Our return policy is as follows:


For the policy to apply, the returned product should be new and in the original package that it was purchased in. Customers will be held responsible for all shipping costs, which are nonrefundable, and may be charged a restocking fee. Customers must also return the product with all accessories it was shipped with. Credit for returns will be refunded in the same manner as the original payment within 15 days of return date.

To request a return, customers will need to have an authorization number. No returns will be accepted without an authorization number. You can request a number online by contacting PicoBrew at Please note the product's serial number when requesting a return. A representative will give you instructions, which you will be required to follow for a successful return. PicoBrew will not be liable for any damaged or lost goods during the transit period.

The return policy is non-transferable, does not apply to machines that were not purchased directly from PicoBrew (or one of our retail partners) and is void if proper use and care instructions for the product were not followed. The policy is void if the customer opened the machine and attempted to make repairs, unless specifically instructed by PicoBrew to do so.

If you choose to return your PicoBrew product after the 15-day period, customers will be charged a restocking fee. Return fees after 15 days are:

  • 16 days - 90 days the restocking fee is 15% of the purchase price
  • 91 days - 6 months the restocking fee is 25% of the purchase price
  • 6 months - 1 year the restocking fee is 35% of the purchase price
  • No product returns are accepted after 1 year from the date of purchase.

If you are not satisfied with an accessory obtained from PicoBrew, you may request a return for the item to be replaced. No refund may be made for accessories on their own. And no returns will be processed without an authorization number.