How it works

Through the PBN, you can create your own beer recipes, then publish them as PicoPaks: pre-packaged boxes of all the shelf-stable ingredients a consumer needs to brew your beer at home. Ingredients come in biodegradable containers for sustainable disposal.

Just send your recipe to PicoBrew, and we build your PicoPaks on demand in our production facility in Renton, Washington, according to your exacting specifications. This lets buyers taste the freshest beer possible, exactly the the way it was intended.

1 Craft

Subscribe to the PBN program, and use our recipe crafter to import or create your perfect beer.

You'll need

2 Publish

Post your beer in our BrewMarketplace so craft beer lovers all over the world can brew it at home.

You'll need

  • A recipe you love
  • A photo of your beer

3 Sell

When buyers purchase your beer, we build their PicoPaks and ship it out for them to enjoy.

Next steps

  • Monitor sales
  • Engage with PBN members
  • Collect royalties


The best beer starts with the best ingredients. Our arsenal of base and specialty grains are carefully monitored to maintain quality and consistency — and hops are packaged for maximum flavor and aroma, up until the moment they hit the wort. We precisely measure ingredients and assemble each PicoPak on-demand in our production facility in Renton, Washington, so your recipe can be brewed to make the freshest beer possible, anywhere in the world.

We Are Your Beer’s Distribution Platform

From consolidating ingredients to securing commercial shipping rates on your behalf, our resources help you grow your business with minimal effort.

PicoBrew’s industrial food-processing facility, paired with on-demand ordering, ensures your orders go out as quickly as possible.

Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on creating great beer.

Hosting your e-commerce storefront

We provide and maintain a e-commerce platform that lets you brand and market your beer to a broad audience.

Quality Control and Ingredients Processing

We meticulously sample and process ingredients as they come in to our facility to ensure that every PicoPak is built to the same exacting standards.

Global Shipping and Payment Processing

We handle the logistics of shipping and payment, provide your brewery with a global reach, and send you a quarterly royalties check.

A Dashboard for your Online Brewery

Once you're selling PicoPaks of your beer, the PicoBrew Brewers Network portal gives you access to valuable consumer insights. Find details on your best-selling beers, and get a geographic view of where in the world your products are most popular. Most importantly, connect directly with your customers by engaging with discussion and reviews of your beer.
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Homebrewers join for $0 per PicoPak. Program price includes 2 Sample PicoPaks.