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Walhalla Craft Beer

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Walhalla is the new Amsterdam based micro brewery that brews the gods’ favorite ales. Bold and magical beers, thirst-quenching and pure. Brewer and founder Aart van Bergen started out as a homebrewer, but very soon the house was too small for his ambitions. Now he’s scaled up so that more people can enjoy his creations. Walhalla released its first beer, Osiris Farmhouse Ale, in February of 2016. A few months later it was awarded with the Silver Medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge. Similarly, the Heimdall Imperial Rye Bock won the title “Tastiest Bock Beer of the Netherlands”. Aart gets inspired by the American craft beer revolution and by fantasy books, movies and games. The beers get their outspoken flavors from the use of unique hop varieties and specialty grains. All artwork is created by illustrator Vincent Sapthu.
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