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Tallgrass Brewing

320 Poyntz Ave

Manhattan KS

The decision to found Tallgrass Brewing Company was made by Jeff Gill and his wife Tricia on April 8, 2006. Tricia had asked Jeff THAT question: “What do you want to do with the rest of your life?” Jeff had been thinking about that exact question quite a bit. “I want to start a microbrewery!” Jeff answered. He had been an avid homebrewer for six years and loved to brew beer that people enjoyed. At that point, Jeff and Tricia made a commitment to start a brewery in Kansas. This meant moving, Jeff giving up his career as a geologist, and Tricia changing jobs, but they were determined. In early 2007 the brewery was given a home and a name when the Tallgrass Brewing Company was established in Manhattan, Kansas, a town nestled in the Flint Hills and surrounded by the Tallgrass Prairie. A beautiful copper-clad brewhouse arrived in June 2007 and the first beer (Pub Ale) was brewed in August 2007. That one question back in 2006 started a dream that became a brewery. In 2010 Tallgrass declared its “Canifesto” and began packaging its beers exclusively in cans instead of bottles. In early 2015, Tallgrass moved into a brand-new, $7 million, 60,000-square-foot brewery, quadrupling the capacity of the largest craft brewer in the state. The facility enables Tallgrass to produce 100,000 barrels per year and grow its distribution nationwide in the future.
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