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Bainbridge Island Brewing

9415 Coppertop Loop

Bainbridge Island WA

Making a great beer requires a combination of art and science. Science, in knowing what the gear and the ingredients can do. Art, in imagining what beer can be. Whether it's excellent versions of classic styles, or boundary pushing experimental brews, we strive to blend the art and science of beer. But beer is also a social beverage. The pub is part of our culture, and here in the Northwest that means locally brewed craft beer. The local brewery is part of the fabric of the community, giving it character, individuality, and indeed, an air of hometown pride. Bainbridge Island is certainly a great place to live, but it's been lacking one thing: our own craft microbrewery. Well, no longer! Bainbridge Island Brewing is the island's brewery, and the island is as much a part of us as we are of it.
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